VOB Running Club

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K-Way VOB Running Club was founded in 1977 by former UCT graduates. It originally became known as, Varsity Old Boys Running Club or VOB, for short.
Running Man - large 300 x 300The Club has long and illustrious history dating back to these early days.
One of our original premier runners, Eric Bateman, has the distinction of being the actual ‘Running Man’ depicted in the Club logo.
K-Way VOB Running Club is the largest running club in the Western Province area.

The objects of the Club are the following:

(a) To develop and foster the sport of           athletics amongst its members.
(b) To encourage its members to participate in athletics at all levels.
(c) To provide coaching and facilities to enable members to participate at all levels.
(d) Represent the interests of its members at all levels.
(e) Promote non-racialism and combat unfair discrimination at all levels.

We are located:
In the Constantia Sports Complex, sharing with the Constantia Bowling Club.

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