Constantia Lawn Bowls

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This is the status that our club has acquired since it’s humble beginnings. The club was officially formed on the 23rd March 1970.The first roll-up on a bowling green at Constantia Bowling Club was on the 16th December 1971. We had a clubhouse but very little else – no tables, chairs or electricity. While the essential embellishments had still to come, the most important element was already present in great abundance – club spirit! This has prevailed throughout our history and continues today. The ladies section was formed shortly thereafter and teams immediately entered into the Muter Competition.

The club badge incorporates the castle of Simon van der Stel and the Falcon of the Cloete’s Arms the colours are green, red, gold and black. The badge must be worn on a black blazer. The club name was originaly omitted as heraldic requirements did not permit the disclosure of the owner’s identity. However after much contention the club’s name was included in a scroll in March 1982.

A detailed history of our club has been well described in the book – The Constantia Bowling Club Story as told by Robert Kieswetter.

Today we have a large membership, three high standard bowling greens, a modern clubhouse with bar and recreational facilities. We have members ranging from friendly and competitive social bowlers to players who have risen to the highest level of the sport. To these can be added those who have headed administration at Provincial and National levels – both men and women. All social bowls, both tabs-in and fun competitions, are fully integrated with men and ladies playing together.

On a clear day the view of Table Mountain is breath taking and the leafy club surrounds compliment the whole complex. The ambience is semi-rural and players and visitors always comment on how they enjoy this setting.

Club Facilities

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3 Lawn Bowling greens


Large entertainment and bar area


Flexible playing times


The professional staff are on hand at all times to give lessons and to make all visitors feel welcome making sure they thoroughly enjoy their bowling experience.

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