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31 Oct 2018


1:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Warwick Constantia Midweek

We will be staging our annual Warwick Wealth Spring Midweek at the start of the new season and as only two greens will be available at the time only 28 teams can be accommodated ( greens will be strung for 7 rinks )   Invitations to members of other clubs will only be sent out near the end of August so members are requested to enter their teams as soon as possible on the entry list on the Club’s notice board. R200 per team per week (including SNOWBALL). DATES  :   Wednesdays 17th  24th  31st October  7th  14th  November


For various reasons, we wish to change our normal way of collecting fees.

(Main reason is Security as Strangers are walking into Clubs and stealing bowling bags, cash, ladies handbags etc. Last Wednesday at W.P.C.Club , a stranger wondered around and stole a set of keys and road off with one of the Milnerton’s players motorcar!)

We would like to collect the TOTAL ENTRANCE FEES at the START of the tournament viz. R250 per player, which is R1000 per team of four.

R45 per week is the entrance fee , R5 per week is for the snowball.  Your kind cooperation and understanding in this matter will be much appreciated.

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